The Bambara legend enshrined the Malian mystical creature Chiwara as a guide and teacher that honoured hard work and close friendships.

At CHIWARA we celebrate the countless diversities of the human family. CHIWARA views the spirit of women and men as two wings of humanity. Both wings to soar to undisclosed realities. We celebrate inclusion, sharing beautiful cultures with the world through exquisitely designed clothing.

We honour the relationship between the sun and the earth, immediate family, the human family and the environment. We are unifying and connecting Africans, the African diaspora and people who love and embrace cultural diversity.

We are here to perpetuate an authentic African and Black narrative.

Vision - Landscape


An inclusive and equitable world for all.

We envision a world community rich and strengthened in diversity where everyone is welcome to contribute equally. A world community devoid of systemic barriers and prejudices drawing upon the wealth of all its inhabitants. A world community that equally welcomes the contributions and history of the African continent.


By building a community where fashion transcends clothes.

Mission - Landscape

Our community celebrates its genesis and its continuing journey through the beauty of fashion. We contribute stories and hope and diversity through clothing that resonates with humanity. Fashion unites and elevates our souls to seek that future world.


To celebrate African stories and values through art, innovation & impact for humans of the new world.

Purpose - Landscape

Africa is the Mother of all humankind. Africa will lead the Humans of the New World to their destiny. African resilience and humility are key to our global vision. Our global transition to a worldview will bring us together.